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Potcast Segments

Stoned Livin’ Lifestyle Segment (Sponsored by High Grade) 

Stoned Livin

Stoned Livin’ is a lifestyle segment Co-Hosted by DJ Varela aka The Finesse Kid. DJ has an inspirational weight loss story where he naturally lost over 300 pounds in 18 months. He started by changing his lifestyle and dropping bad habits, implemented a workout program, and made the healthy decision to go Vegan. While others might take the easy way out, DJ knew he needed to put in the work to take his life back and get healthy. Through his journey, he created Funktional Fitnesse , and Finesse Farms.  DJ uses cannabis to help him stay mentally focused and relieve stress so he can live a healthy lifestyle.  Stoned Livin’ is a monthly lifestyle segment highlighting various professionals and their inspirational stories through in-depth interviews. Tune in and get inspired. 



Critix Strain ReviewEvery month we team up with our homie and Co-Host Ari with Cannapedia Reviews to save you time and money by watching our cRitiX Strain Reviews. Together we have over 40+ years of combined experience with high-grade cannabis and the culture associated. Our reviews follow Ari’s scoring structure that consists of the following: The Penny Pincher Test (to make sure what you paid for is actually there). Followed by: Look, Smell, Taste, and Potency, which are scored at a maximum of 2.5 points apiece totaling 10 possible points. 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest score, it has to score a 7 or above to be considered “Dank” otherwise its “Snickle” (snicklefritz). You can take it from us if it doesn’t make the dank list, you might want to consider putting your money into something that is. We consider ourselves Weed Sommeliers and have spent over 20 years each blazing some of the finest herbs in the world in order to teach you about good quality cannabis. The Stoned Age Potcast teamed up with Cannapedia Reviews and created this segment for the community to hold cannabis companies accountable for the quality they produce and the price associated. Smoke good my friends!


Sonoran Horticulture

Sonoran Horticulture

Once a month we bring you our Sonoran Horticulture Segment (outdoor grow segment) which is a collaboration with our buddy “Wild” Bill Artwohl of West Coast Green Thumbs. A true hard-working farmer growing thousands of hemp plants rich in CBD on his small plantation out in the Arizona Sonoran Desert. He has spent most of his life growing cannabis and even went to college to study plants and horticulture. He prides himself on being independent and growing the best cannabis/hemp possible, his motto is that of passion and love for the plant and people. Every month our Host VACA and Co-Host Bill teach you the ins and outs of growing and what it takes to grow great cannabis outdoor even in the extreme Arizona heat. Follow along and learn from experience, they both have put in many years of time to educate you on this amazing plant that provides so much benefit to our lives. We believe in “Grow your own” and our hopes are to save you time and money as well as years of trial and error by watching or listening to our segments. Learn how to grow amazing weed with The Stoned Age Potcast and West Coast Green Thumbs. If you care about the Lil guys then you need to support Bill, he is a small farmer doing big things in the cannabis world. @wcgt_